Scott Foster
New Idyllwild resident Scott Foster has the kind of entertainment background and resume any athlete, actor, singer, dancer choreographer or music producer would call a world-class career. Foster has had major successes in all of these areas and yet has chosen to live in Idyllwild, away from the noise and pressure of Los Angeles and New York and with the kind of vibe and peace that promotes his current goal, writing.

To say that his story is varied is an understatement. He had an early career as a competitive figure skater from the age of 4 to 13. He had a congressional nomination to West Point. He chose entertainment instead. He toured as a professional inline skater and appeared in a Super Bowl halftime show.

His professional career has been worldwide, with much of his television, film and music successes having taken place in Europe. He lived and worked in Paris, in Italy, in Berlin and Hong Kong. He has created original content for television, radio, film and stage. Foster choreographed fashion shows for Diesel Jeans, toured as a professional dancer, organized Rollerblade teams in Europe and served as a pro inline skating ambassador, has written and recorded songs that have made charts in a variety of music disciplines including pop and hip-hop.

He has appeared on U.S. network soaps, and in films that have been shown in film festivals and on HBO.

He is working on a number of screenplays while living in Idyllwild and has a short film, “Success Driven,” that has been submitted to IFC 2012.

“My gravitating to Idyllwild is a big part of who I am and why I am writing,” Foster said. “Idyllwild is a place that helps you realize who you are and gets you in touch with your purpose. Some fit, some maybe are driven crazy, but for me it feels right.”

Foster said he has not given up on his performing. He hosts karaoke at the Lumber Mill and has recently added “Plug In Mondays” at Jo’An’s as a showcase for local talent.

Foster said that for him, at this point in his career, it is also about giving back and being part of the community that is sustaining his ability to write. He has two feature films in development, one a musical and another written with Italian director Federico Badiali that is aimed at raising awareness for the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis.