For Santa, readers and Honorable Mayor Max:

I am “4-legged” and I speak for all my furry friends.

I hear Christmas is approaching upon us. I would really like our community to know our holiday wish list.

Enchance Idyllwild’s Doggie Park for us, our community and visitors.

Please supply litter bags and containers throughout busy streets and areas so that we will not be accused for our messes for which we cannot help ourselves.

Please put “Do not speed” and “Save our lives” signs on the road similar to those protecting our squirrel friends and in your great Town Crier.

Now that we have a new and great central library, hold and publish classes to promote ensuring our safety by walking us leashed.

Now that winter is almost here please write articles about providing shelter to keep us safe, warm and out of the awful cold. We are not able to tolerate the freezing temperatures we experience here.

Instead, we need and deserve a warm place, sofa, fireplace hearth, pillow and, really preferably, a warm lap would be greatly appreciated.

If we are lost, please do not ignore us and turn away. Try to find our humans though available sources here in town.

Please encourage our humans to have us wear our name tags and be micro-chipped.

Please keep a watchful eye on us to protect us from coyotes and other harmful animals.

We really do wish to have adoption hours extended (especially during this holiday season) so more of us can deserve our “furrier ever” and loving homes.

Please do not ignore our Christmas Wish List and hopefully our wonderful town and Honorable Mayor Max will understand our unconstitutional love and will make our holiday wish a reality.

We wish everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous holiday and coming New Year. Stay safe. We love you.

Vice Mayor Hogan
Madelaine Barnett Cresswell