Idyllwild’s Analia Lenchantin is well known as pianist and artist. Now she is also an inventor.

Analia Lenchantin displays her “cito.” Photo by J.P. Crumrine

A resident of a Pine Cove mansion for years, she has considerable experience trying to ignite a fire in large — 4-foot fireplaces. Now she has the “Cito,” meaning “heart,” to help you get those stubborn fires burning — a long metal tube to blow into and direct the air to the ebbing fire, which will aid in ignition.

She developed the technique years ago when she and a girlfriend were stranded in a snowstorm. They desperately started a fire to keep warm and dry.

Now she has the “Cito” and will be selling them at the post office Friday and Saturday. A dollar from each sale will go to the Idyllwild HELP Center.

The HELP Center is special for Lenchantin because she had to avail herself of its services for several years.

“I’m so thankful. They helped me, even with food for my dog. And the whole town,” she said gratefully.