Throughout their lives, all of the people in this annual tribute were connected to Idyllwild.

And because these are such small communities, many of the names that appear in Town Crier obituaries have appeared in past pages of the Town Crier when those people were alive. In that sense, they live on in the written history of the community, as well as in the memories of the people they left behind.

They were volunteers for one of the many organizations on the Hill, they were friends, they were relatives of a close friend, they were co-workers, they were fellow students and they were family. They were part of our community.

The Town Crier takes pause to memorialize in its first newspaper of the new year the names of 34 people who died in 2012:

Morton S. Boss
Lucile Hower Tanner Cies
Milton R. French
Robert Paul Garron
Francis “Frank” Gorzny
Viola Hallacy
Seamus Patrick Harding
Clesson H. Harvey
Rhonda Herger
Judith Hermanson
Gerald (Jerry) R. Holsclaw Sr.
Steve Hudson
James Janopoulos
Karen Rae Levitt
Ann Lumsden
William “Bill” Martin
Bill Matthews
Barbara McCay
Jane C. Miller
Maggie Morphett
Robert John Muir
Patricia Joann Norrell
Diane Olsen
Richard “Scotty” Oyen
Patricia Ann Parish
Shirley Mae Petkin
Max “Mackie” Rana
Irene E. Samaniego-Greisen
Percy Frederick Herman Schultz
Doug Selby
Skylir Leeland Perry Selkirk
Marcia (Parady) Torrey-Jay
Lolita Mae Watkins
Helen Marie Webster Weisbrod

Alan Wayne Drotar and Gordon Price passed away in December 2011.