Update following Friday night community meeting, Sgt. Wallace Clear in attendance.

About 25 local merchants and others attended a second community meeting called by organizers to develop strategies to respond to recent commercial burglaries in Idyllwild.

Hemet Station Special Investigations Supervisor Sgt. Wallace Clear spoke to the group. According to Clear, station deputies patrolling in the hours during which previous burglaries spotted two vehicles (the ones described below) and observed activity on Thursday night, Jan. 10 around 4 a.m. indicating criminal intent. "We have no doubt they were in the process of committing a burglary," said Clear. Deputies gave chase and the vehicles left town, one in the direction of Pine Cove and one toward Mountain Center. Ice on the highway made a high speed chase problematic and the vehicles escaped. Clear noted that additional deputies were dispatched to monitor all Hill exits (Highways 243 and 74). Clear stated the vehicles were not seen leaving the Hill, according to deputy reports. Station Lt. Dean Agnoletto said he believes the vehicles are still on the Hill, the criminals are local, and that residents should report sightings of these vehicles.

The Dodge Magnum station wagon has no luggage rack. A similar vehicle in Pine Cove has such a rack and has already been cleared by the department.

Both the Dodge and Toyota are late model silver in color. The Toyota has after market chrome rims.

Clear said the plates were covered by sticker (car dealer) signage, so positive plate ID was not possible.

The Department urges residents to be cautious. Take pictures, obtain plate information, but do not confront.

From Riverside County Sheriff's Department Hemet Station, Special Investigations Supervisor Sgt. Wallace Clear

Date/Time Written:
January 11, 2013
Type of Incident:
Commercial Burglaries
Date/Time of Incident:
October 30, 2012, through January 11, 2013
Location of Incident:
The communities of Idyllwild and Garner Valley
Reporting Officer:
Sergeant W. Clear
File Number:
Several case numbers
In Late October 2012, the communities of Idyllwild and Garner Valley began experiencing a series of commercial burglaries. The details of the burglaries led investigators to believe they were committed by the same suspects. The suspects' targeted businesses during early morning hours within the downtown area of Idyllwild and are also believed to be responsible for an additional burglary to a market in Garner Valley. Surveillance cameras at one business captured photographs of two vehicles that may be involved. A late model silver Dodge Magnum and a late model silver Toyota Camry with chrome rims. Investigators from the Hemet Station are asking the public for any information that may be helpful in solving these crimes.

Anyone with information regarding any of these burglaries are asked to contact Investigator Robertson at (951) 791-3400 or Sheriff's Dispatch at (951) 776-1099.

help needed to identify this vehicle


  1. Now you ask for the publics help….Why couldn't these pics been published long before this. Whether anyone can identify the vehicles which may be involved and their possible owners is the $64,000 dollar question–But at least, we now have an idea as to what to keep an eye out for….Now are there any other pics, you would like us to view as well?

  2. Local law enforcement seems to be a joke, pizza is more important than innocent ppl getting beat up. And 2 vehicles were chased but no one was apprehended??! Only 2 ways off this hill by highway, and a couple of other off-road trails. These individuals are responsible for multiple break-ins, and don’t seem to be stopping. I’m not saying I have the answer to fix the situation but seriously, what’s it going to take for law enforcement to get their heads out of their butts and do their jobs?? Protect the public! From the residential break-ins, to the commercial break-ins, when will it all end?

  3. I think the message speaks for itself as far as what "WE AS CITIZENS & VICTIMS" need to do!
    Fight back! put the fear in em!
    Someone has to, otherwise THEY WILL NOT STOP!!!!
    They will get whats coming to em!
    Its a small town, we know who most of them are now & some of us know where they live…!

    We should post up their address's & photos of them & their homes!

    They will slip up & get caught, they better pray it isnt by an armed citizen who isn't going to take this crap in our town!