Welcome to this inaugural edition of “It Takes A Village” which will appear in the Town Crier on a regular basis. I hope it will be informative to the community at large to stay updated about what is going on at the Idyllwild Arts. Hopefully this column of news, performances, milestones, etc. will help reinforce and cement the symbiotic relationship that exists between the community and the campus. This is a unique, dynamic synergy that truly takes a village to be successful. - LK

IAA student’s film airs on KCET
Katherine Kearns, a moving pictures student, had her film “A Family Like Mine” accepted in the KCET’s 15th Annual Festival of Student Films. KCET chose 17 student films from institutions such as American Film Institute, California Institute of the Arts, Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Southern California.

Katherine’s film about children being raised in families with same sex-parents was the only high school student’s project accepted. This is the third time an Idyllwild Arts student film has been included in the Fine Cut series. The contributions of Moira Burke, Tirzah Donau, Alexander Laudeman and the entire crew who worked with Katherine on this film deserve kudos.

Be sure not to miss the screening of Katherine’s compelling 22-minute film “A Family Like Mine” which will be aired on KCET at 9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14.

Idyllwild Arts conducts search for talent
Idyllwild Arts has recently conducted auditions in major cities around the country. This effort was not limited to the U.S. On Saturday, Jan. 26, Jonathan Sharp of Idyllwild Arts Dance faculty also held dance auditions in Mexico City.

The Mexico City auditions tell a “full circle” story as they took place at the dance studio owned by the mother of one of Idyllwild Arts’ alums — Braulio Alvarez de la Parra. Braulio has gone on to a fabulous career in dance with the Hamburg Ballet. He and the Hamburg Ballet will be performing at Orange County’s Segerstrom Hall from Feb. 8 to 10.

A global feast
The Idyllwild Arts student body calls 26 countries home. The global breadth has made the annual International Dinner a cherished and anticipated tradition. On Sunday, Feb. 10, the academy will host its 22nd Annual International Dinner. It’s an opportunity for the students to enjoy cuisine from various countries and a way to promote multiculturalism as part of their education.

The students will create the recipes, create a shopping list, and will shop for the ingredients in San Diego at Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and European markets. The next day, they prepare their dishes and that evening they gather together in the Nelson Dining Hall for a gastronomic and fun feast. Singing and dancing cap off a festive evening.


  1. I got excited when I read the title of this new column, "It takes a Village". I thought it was time for another one of Piper Dellums' rent party fund raiser concerts. I wasn't able to go to the first one, but I did see the movie at the film festival and it inspired me. Confusing a bit since that is the catch phrase for that new bi-annual event too, and for the documentary she made about Idyllwild. May want to get a more original title. The local coffee house was buzzing about the "stepping on toes" possibility. We are a small village. I don't know the rent party people personally. I just became a full time resident in November. But people were talking. I wonder if she or the rent party committee has seen this. I'm just sayin. Isn't there room up here for originality?

  2. Hey Precious People- "It takes a village" is an old African proverb and has been used and coined from political process to literature titles and academic intentions of lesson and community building all over the world. I do not feel "stepped upon" in this regard. I doubt if the columnist was in any way intentionally stealing thunder. The basis for the parties and all other fund raising efforts on the mountain are to stimulate resources, awareness and growth in all areas important to the functioning and integrity of our community. I thank you Mr or Ms Pickford for your purposeful intention of respecting me and the goals I am setting out to accomplish up here and throughout the world-I do..but please, lets honor and support each member of this community with distinction and dignity. Welcome to Idyllwild. Introduce yourself to me sometime. I wish to congratulate and welcome this new newspaper forum to the Crier. All be well. Piper