I don’t pay much attention to what goes on at the [Idyllwild] Fire Department because it seems to be too complicated.

From some stories I’ve heard, I’m trying to understand what our taxes are paying for. Is there something provided that tells us what the fire department is supposed to do for us?

In the past you could stop into the fire department and they would check your blood pressure or things like that. Now I heard they charge $70 for the same thing.

One story I heard there was an accident and some neighbors called the fire department. [They] came out and charged that person to be checked $150. He said I didn’t call the fire department. Why didn’t they charge the people that called?

Another person went to the fire department had his blood pressure checked and they said it was high. They scared him into going down to Hemet to be checked, but he didn’t think it was needed, then he was charged $1,500 for a trip down. To him, I told him [I’d] do it for half-price.

I don’t know what’s going on anymore, maybe they are doing it for free before because they just wanted to; but I need to see what they’re supposed to supply to us for the taxes we pay.

[If] you don’t have medical insurance, these prices will stop people from using them and someone could die because they can’t afford it.

Michael Freitas