By Chris Trout
SJMCC spokesperson

Your team of professional advisers has been selected.

“These qualified professionals bring a knowledgeable perspective to this project. They ensure that the right questions are asked and that the right answers are given,” said Janice Lyle, chairperson of the San Jacinto Mountain Community Center (SJMCC) board.

Let’s meet them, the “A” team!

Jim Marsh
“A” is for Architect, and the SJMCC Board has made an excellent choice in Jim Marsh.

With 30 years experience and 75 percent of his work in the mountain areas, this soft-spoken and astute design professional will be responsible for bringing to life the vision of the Butterfields and the residents of the Idyllwild area.

Jim’s recent Idyllwild projects have included the Idyllwild Area Historical Society archive building, several buildings at the Alhatti Resort in Pine Cove and a while ago, the remodel of the Creekstone Inn.

At least 20 homes in Idyllwild give credence to his understanding of what he calls “Mountain Style,” which incorporates natural materials and traditional architecture, a perfect fit for the majestic setting of the property. The addition of glass in the entry lobby and other areas will permit visitors to enjoy the beautiful surroundings uninterrupted by walls and structural elements.

The Idyllwild Community Center property is a spectacular site, according to Jim. It has natural slopes, a creekside presence, and lots of statuesque trees and will actually be his greatest challenge.

Preserving the ambiance of the property will require retaining walls, terracing, and even some negotiating with the Army Corps of Engineers because Strawberry Creek, which is called a blue line stream, requires flood control measures.

When told of his selection, Jim said, “I am awed by the people involved in the project. This is going to happen and the opportunity, for me, will be a peak career experience.”

Lorna Quincey Houck

“A” is for Accountant and our accountant, Lorna Quincey Houck, started coming to Idyllwild in 1999. Lorna and her husband enjoyed the small town and many hiking trails so much that they bought a cabin in 2008.

They like to say, “We work in San Diego, but we live in Idyllwild.”

Lorna looks forward to assisting with this project. She states “SJMCC has a responsibility to its donors and the community to develop a process for financial accountability that is easy to understand and transparent to follow.

“The next few months will be spent outlining organizational and reporting requirements for structuring a workable financial and accounting system for today and for the future,” she said.

Chuck Rettig
And finally, “A” is for Attorney and, with Chuck Rettig, there is assurance that all the “i’s” will be dotted and every “t” crossed as required by county, state, and federal agencies.

With a specialization in tax, business, charitable and estate planning, Chuck is a frequent lecturer and author at the local, state and national level. For more than 20 years he has served as chair and president of the PADI Foundation, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.

Regarded in the industry as a brilliant and gifted lawyer, Chuck has a good reputation and has been widely acknowledged for his contributions.

When asked to describe his role in the development of the project, he said, “I look forward to having the Idyllwild Community Center and the Butterfield Family Center enhance the opportunities for interaction among members of the Idyllwild community. These facilities are intended to provide a place for people to get together and enjoy all that Idyllwild has to offer. I welcome the ideas and assistance of others as we move forward.”

To share your ideas, questions and inquiries, contact [email protected].

Step by step … a brief monthly update of the activities of the SJMCC board and its committees.

Program and Activities …

  • An Easter Egg Hunt for all the children of Idyllwild, their families and friends, will be held at the Idyllwild Community Center site on Saturday March 30. Participation is free for all.
  • The next Speaker’s Series with Ken Young is April 11 at the Rainbow Inn.

Save the date …

  • Saturday, June 8. The Idyllwild Playground will be one year old and everyone is invited to the birthday party. Watch the Town Crier for details.

Building, Fundraising, Capital Improvements …

  • Architect Jim Marsh is finishing the revisions to the project plans necessitated by the addition of the creekside property and the funding of the Butterfield Family Center.
  • Inland Foundation Engineering has completed the soils testing and is preparing the report.

SJMCC Board …

  • The transfer of financial accounts and responsibilities will begin March 28 after a meeting with CPA Lorna Houck. Organizational by-laws are being revised and Attorney Chuck Rettig will be submitting them to the state.

Your comments, inquiries and donations are welcome. Email [email protected].