Bill Sanborn. File photo
Bill Sanborn, Hemet Unified School District trustee since 1991, is resigning from the board effective July 1.

Sanborn and his wife, Andrea, have their home on the market and plan to return to Minnesota.

Alex, their youngest son, will graduate from Hemet High School this year and matriculate to Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minn., and play football. His parents will follow him.

Published Sept. 19, 1991: New Hemet Unified School District board member Bill Sanborn, pictured with his daughter Kelsey, 2, his wife Andrea, and daughter Emily, 6 months, was unanimously accepted last week for the post. File photo

Sanborn was appointed to the school board in September 1991, to replace Dwight “Buzz” Holmes, who resigned to take a position with Idyllwild School. Sanborn was one of six candidates for the vacancy.

During his more than 20 years as a trustee, he has served as HUSD president five times. His last term as president ended in December 2012.

An engineer who studied issues rather than react unprepared, Sanborn said upon his appointment, “I think the real key for me at this particular time is to get an understanding of what, at the top of the list, are items that need my attention.”

Always cognizant of the district’s needs, Sanborn is deferring his departure from the board until after the board approves the 2013-14 budget. By delaying his resignation until July 1, it would also give the board time to appoint a replacement before the 2013-14 school year begins.

During his tenure, Sanborn has consistently found ways for the district to help Idyllwild School and its students. For example, he has helped facilitate the extensive use of the facilities for community events, a practice that is much less prevalent in Hemet.

Editor’s note: Bill’s resignation letter is published below.

Bill Sanborn’s resignation letter

Dr. Kayrell,

As you know, Andrea and I have been planning a move to the Midwest for several years now. In addition to our desire to semi-retire in that region, we have also wanted to wait until our youngest son graduated from Hemet High, which he will do this year. Our home has recently been listed with a real estate agency, and the realization of this dream of ours is imminent. Therefore, effective July 1, 2013, I will be resigning my position as a trustee for the Hemet Unified School District.

I decided that giving a two-month notice would be beneficial for a few reasons. It will allow for a complete board to finalize the 2013/14 budget during these difficult times. It will allow for a full board to participate in union negotiations, at least in the early stages. It will also allow for the board to appoint a new trustee for Area #1 during the less-busy summer months, and have a full board seated by the time school starts in the fall. And it doesn’t hurt that I get to hand my son his diploma at graduation.

It has been an honor and privilege to represent the mountain communities of Trustee Area #1 on the Governing Board of Hemet Unified School District these past almost 22 years. With very few exceptions, my fellow trustees, the superintendents, administration, teachers, and support personnel have been wonderful to serve with. But the highest honor has been the opportunity to shake hands with over 20,000 young men and women as they received their diploma. Their joyful faces form a grand mosaic in my mind.

There is nothing that I could say in words that would come close to thanking our community for the chance to serve in this manner. I am truly humbled that this tremendous responsibility was granted me for these many years.


William Sanborn