This weekend, the 10th-annual Aroma Spring Jazz Festival will be a tribute to New Orleans jazz and food, according to Paul Carman, festival producer.

Carman, local saxophone and bass musician, usually goes to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. “This year I wasn’t able to go, so I decided to bring the music here,” he explained.

Friday night, the Gumbo Brothers will play. The group belts out rock and soul, which also have their origins in New Orleans music, just as traditional jazz does, Carman said. “This group is like a party dance band. Everyone, hopefully everybody, will be out of their seats and driving the waitresses crazy,” he expects.

The Gumbo Brothers’ style is similar to the Neville Brothers, the first family of New Orleans funk. While the Gumbo Brothers haven’t performed in Idyllwild before, Carman is sure that after Friday, they will gladly return, just as every group he has brought here feels.

Saturday evening, Washboard Joey and the Muddy Boots will bring traditional jazz. And consistent with the improvisation of jazz, the group has never played together before.

Individual members have been together but as not in this collective rendition. But they are all long-time musicians who have played the New Orleans genre for years. Many were members of Disneyland’s Side Street Strutters.

And those familiar with the previous Spring Jazz Fests will recognize Washboard. Trombonist Joey Sellers has played many times in Idyllwild, often playing avant-garde music with Carman. He put this group together just to play again in Idyllwild and for Carman.

While the Gumbo Brothers’ music originates from the 1940s New Orleans era, Muddy Boots’ roots goes back to the 1920s and early Louie Armstrong, Carman said.

Sunday evening the restaurant’s deck will be pulsating with the sounds from the Euphoria Brass Band, led by Drew Miller, DJ at KSDS Jazz 88.3 FM. They are a San Diego band playing in the style of the New Orleans marching bands. This is “swing” before jazz.

“There’s no way you can’t dance with these guys,” Carman promised.

Besides the three evening sessions, Carman has lined up a fourth group for Sunday afternoon. Nathan Riveria’s The Black Resonators have played here before and their style reflects Django Reinhardt.

While the style is actually European gypsy jazz, Reinhardt’s roots also grew from New Orleans, Carman said.

The Resonators travel to New Orleans several times each year to perform. But this weekend, Carman fortuitously saw that they would be in Temecula Sunday evening and invited them to come to Idyllwild to warm up.

The bands will be performing two shows at Cafe Aroma, from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. and from 7:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no cover charge.

Table reservation seating (for meals only) will be at either 5:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.

Those at the early seating who want to stay for the second show need to pay an extra $30 and buy two drinks each to keep the table. However this is subject to availability unless informed in advance.

Aroma Jazz lineup

Friday, 6-9 p.m.
The Gumbo Bros. (Funk)
Jamelle Williams, trumpet; Matt DeMerritt, sax; Trevor Steer, organ; Johann Stein, guitar/vocals; Greg Somier, bass/vocal; Reggie Longware, drums

Saturday,  6-9 p.m.
Washboard Joey and the Muddy Boots
(Trad jazz)
Joey “Washboard” Sellers, trombone; Willy “Lips” McGee, trumpet; Sydney “Bad” Badeau, clarinet; “Blind” Doug Mattocks, banjo; John “Bigs” Noreyko, tuba; Kendall “Sweets” Kay, drums

Sunday,  1-3 p.m.
The Black Resonators (Swing)
Nathan Rivera, guitar/accordion/vocals; Shine Delphi, guitar/vocals
No reservation policy for this afternoon. Just come by and sit in the sun with your eyes closed.

Sunday 6-9 p.m.
Euphoria Brass Band
JP Balmat, sax/clarinet; Steve Ebner, trumpet; April West, trombone; Wayne Rice, sousaphone; Ron Bocian, snare drum; Drew Miller, bass drum