Editor’s note: As of Tuesday afternoon, no one at Caltrans was able to say how the fire might affect this project.

Through the end of August, Highway 243 traffic will encounter disruptions similar to the ones on Highway 74 while Caltrans repaved that highway during May.

Work on Highway 243 began Monday, July 15, and should be completed before September. The project was awarded to Calmex Engineering Inc. of Riverside, for $970,000.

The first phase should begin in Mountain Center and work north to Marion Ridge Drive in Pine Cove.

While the repaving project is being done, Caltrans also plans to seal cracks as maintenance work on Highway 243 from Banning to Black Mountain begins this week.

“The California Move Over Law states that motorists must move over a lane when they see the flashing lights of emergency response vehicles, Caltrans vehicles and tow trucks. If you can’t move over, stay if on a mountain road, then slow down. These crews will be on foot and appreciate you giving them a ‘brake,’” said Shelli Lombardo, Caltrans public information officer.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on Highway 74 in Garner Valley. That estimated completion date is the end of August.