Total 2013 water production for the Pine Cove Water District is 2.7 percent more than the comparable seven-month 2012 period.

“Production for July was 3.5 million gallons, a little bit less than the past two years,” General Manager Jerry Holldber told the board. “In the past, you could always count on 4.5 to 5 million gallons used in July. Between conservation and fewer people, there’s less water consumption.”

The July production was about 90,000 gallons less than June and 230,000 less than July 2012.

PCWD’s monitoring well level fell 1 foot in July compared to a 4–foot drop in June, he reported.

In addition, the pipeline installation along Ponderosa Road has been completed, despite needing extra time because of the discovery of several huge rocks below the surface, according to Holldber. The work on Gail Road is progressing and the Highway 243 portion will begin after Labor Day.

During the winter months, depending upon the weather, Holldber hopes to extend the pipeline along Pine Cove Road and the Oakleaf extension.

Board President Michael Esnard told his colleagues that Riverside County Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone has not made a decision about PCWD’s request for fire hydrant funds from County Service Area 38.

In a letter last month, Esnard recommended that the supervisor authorize the use of $28,000 from the CSA 38 balance to acquire 10 new fire hydrants and PCWD would install them. This would complement the installation of the new pipelines.

“We think this an appropriate use of these funds, since CSA 38 money has been used to buy district fire hydrants in the past, and CSA 38 began in the effort to supply the fire protection for this district,” Esnard wrote in his letter. “… All hydrants are located in CSA 38.”