The Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) has solid infrastructure, according to General Manager Jerry Holldber. Unlike some major Midwestern and Eastern cities that are struggling to refurbish or replace dated equipment and lack the funds to do so, PCWD carries out regular maintenance every year and infrastructure replacement when needed. The district continues to proceed with infrastructure investments, while producing, according to residents, very good water.

But year end totals indicate fewer people are drinking district water according to statistics Holldber reported on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Reports show two years of declining production and some of the lowest production and consumption totals on record. “I’d like to attribute it to conservation efforts,” said Holldber, “but it really is fewer users.”

Holldber cited a recent Town Crier article about the loss of a major Hill demographic component. According to the 2010 census, a 33.37 percent decline in the 35-49 year age group (from 25.1 to 16.7 percent of the population in zip code 92549) is draining the district’s customers. Production in 2010 was 32.3 million gallons, 29.4 accounted for and billed; production through November 2011 has been 30 million gallons (1.4 percent less than the comparable 2010 period). But unaccounted for water continues to decline.

In other business, Holldber reported he is investigating how a new requirement for sprinklers in new residential construction will impact the district from both an infrastructure and cost standpoint. Board President Tom McCullough pointed out that activation of automatic sprinklers during a wildfire emergency could impact water district water pressure and ability for professional responders to fight fires.

Holldber also announced the district had completed and received its state health permit. A copy is available at the district office.

Finally, District Secretary Becky Smith reported the district web site now contains information from board meeting packets, including monthly financials and audits.