Earlier this month, the California Department of Education released the results of the spring Standardized Testing and Reporting. Statewide the scores fell slightly compared to the 2012 results, according to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

Idyllwild School results were mixed this year. Overall, 77 percent of the students were proficient or advanced in English. This is 1 percent less than the 2012 achievement, but in math, 82 percent were proficient or advanced, a 2 percent increase.

“This is really good,” said Matt Kraemer, Idyllwild School principal.

The Hemet Unified School District results were similar to the statewide scores — a 2 percent drop in English and 1 percent drop in math. However, eighth-grade history and the grades five and eight science results both increased in 2013.

“We’re improving instruction,” said Dr. Barry Kayrell, HUSD superintendent. He was describing how the district plans to improve student performances in the future. “We’re using new tricks and new techniques compared to how we taught in the old days. Teachers have to retrain themselves.”

At Idyllwild School, these results were substantially improved. The number of proficient or advanced students in history grew from 58 to 72 percent and the science achievement grew from 78 to 87 percent.

The 2013 fifth-grade class made the most improvement compared to the 2012 fifth grades. The number of proficient or advanced scores increased by at least 16 percent for both English and math.