Bob Balzer with plans for his Tirol restaurant in Pine Cove in 1962. File Photo
Bob Balzer with plans for his Tirol restaurant in Pine Cove in 1962. File Photo

65 years ago - 1948

“Ma’s New Husband” was chosen as the first play to be produced by the newly organized Mountain Players.


60 years ago - 1953

More than 150 people pledged $10 each for benches  to be placed at the Town Hall campfire area.


55 years ago - 1958

Temperatures dropped two nights in a row to 36 degrees. By daytime, though, a high of 91 degrees was recorded.


50 years ago - 1963

Not quite adjusted to the presence of the new Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Ernie Maxwell commented: “Through the years we became accustomed to the belief that the only way into our wilderness was from our side of the mountain. Now, we feel as though our whole backside has been ventilated.”


45 years ago - 1968

Errol Smith of Crestline was in an Idyllwild phone booth when a car driven by a Mountain Center woman crashed into it. The phone booth was destroyed but Smith crawled out the top uninjured.


40 years ago - 1973

Potential home buyers might have checked out the two-bedroom cabin with two-story furnished guest cabin advertised for $17,500.


35 years ago - 1978

Idyllwild motel and inn owners were upset following a decision by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to raise the bed tax from 6 to 8 percent.


30 years ago - 1983

The Idyllwild Water District approved the Idyllwild Softball Association’s lease of the Dutch Flat playing fields for another season.


25 years ago - 1988

Work began on renovating the Idyllwild Waste Transfer Station that would provide sunken bins to make disposing trash easier for Hill residents.


20 years ago - 1993

An emergency resources directory, compiled and written by Mountain Disaster Preparedness, was furnished to local public protection agencies.


15 years ago - 1998

The fourth-annual Idyllwild HELP Center Luncheon and Fashion Show fund-raiser was held at the home of Jerry and Marianne Corey in Pine Cove.


10 years ago - 2003

Idyllwild’s skateboard park was approved after months of Riverside County negotiations. The Idyllwild Community Recreation Council was raising funds to build it.


1 year ago - 2012

Idyllwild Water District met several times with the Riverside County Park and Open-Space District in regards to building a 300,000-gallon storage tank that would supply the Tollgate area, including Idyllwild Arts Academy.