Throughout their lives, all of the people in this annual tribute were connected to Idyllwild.

And because these are such small communities, many of the names that appear in Town Crier obituaries have appeared in past pages of the Town Crier when those people were alive. In that sense, they live on in the written history of our community, as well as in the memories of the people they left behind.

They were volunteers for one of the many organizations on the Hill, they were friends, they were relatives of a close friend, they were co-workers, they were fellow students and they were family. They were part of our community.

The Town Crier pauses to memorialize in its secondnewspaper of the new year the names of 28 people who died in 2013:

Sid Acton
Lori Alexander
Kathleen Barnes
Lucas Alan Dunn
Tim E. Faulkner
Donald J. Harrison
Elizabeth Courtney
Haworth Windsong
Brenda Joyce Herndon Miller
Alvar Kauti
Patricia Arlene Kent
Viv Larson
Emily “Mimi” LeGate
Thomas McCullough
Nancy Jane Monroe
Donald Ellis Moore
Allan Morphett
Kevin Edward Nay
Richard Lewis “Wayne” Parker
Laura-Eloise Ray
Joseph Rodriguez
Robert P. Stearns
Dorothy Swain Lewis
William R. Van Cleave
Kendall Vaught
Betty Louise Webley
Elaine Baty Weisheit
John Woolley
Doug Yagaloff