On Wednesday, Feb. 12, two events occurred relating to the 2006 triple homicide in Pinyon Pines.

The more dramatic event was a press release from Bonnie Garcia, former Assemblywoman and candidate for State Senate District 28. Her son, Javier, was a friend of Becky Friedli, one of the three victims and he allegedly called a Denny’s restaurant the morning after the murders and had substantial information.

“I can no longer remain silent while damaging and false accusations are made about my family’s involvement in a heinous capitol murder case. I don’t know who committed the crime but I do know who did not,” Garcia said in her release.

The night of Sept. 17, 2006, Becky, 18; her mother, Vickie Friedli, 53; and Vickie’s boyfriend, Jon Hayward, 55, were found dead. Becky’s body was found burning in a wheelbarrow outside the house. The other bodies were found inside the burning home.

Ron Friedli, Becky’s father and Vickie’s former spouse, and Luis A. Bolañas, a private investigator, believed Javier should have been questioned more about the source of the information he allegedly shared the morning following the crime.

“Regardless, these are details people outside law enforcement should not have,” Friedli stressed.

“Contrary to false statements made by others, over the last seven years, law enforcement officials have never contacted me nor have I inserted myself into this investigation,” Garcia said. “In addition, no search warrants have ever been executed at my home or that of my family members. To suggest that we have the power to stop or block a capitol murder case is ludicrous.

“The recent allegations by a person who is not part of the official investigation have turned this tragedy into a trial by media and brought false hope and additional grief to a family seeking answers,” she stressed.

Garcia did acknowledge that her son and Becky were friends and had spent time at the Garcia’s house. “Becky was an amazing young woman that frequented our home and was part of a close-knit group of friends that shared a common bond — being ‘kids of cops.’ Many times she was an overnight guest where her mother knew she was safe. To suggest anything different is just plain wrong,” she said in the release.

In other developments, the Riverside County District Attorney’s office will continue to review the investigation. “Based on the current state of the evidence, the state Attorney General’s office has advised the Riverside County District Attorney’s office that they do not believe there is a conflict of interest in this case,” said John Hall, senior public information specialist for the DA’s office, on Tuesday.

However, he did caution that that opinion is always subject to the state of the evidence, which could change since it is an ongoing investigation.