Jack and I recently observed the massive number of events and causes such a small town produces, sometimes so massive that people may just sit back and let them all go by without supporting any.

To name a few: theater performances; musical events; art shows and events; author and speaker series; raffles; tours; dance performances; parades; foot and bike races; festivals; library, arts and nature support groups; fundraisers for individuals and groups, etc.

Despite the thinner air way up here that ought to slow us down a bit, we’re dang busy.

How does one choose the events to attend? How does one choose a cause to support? How does one choose to what cause to volunteer their time?

The answer is simply a matter of personal choice. You have so much money, energy and time to spend.

My energy wanes by the end of the day so night-time events requiring concentration aren’t likely to draw me in. I’m also an introvert so I need to recharge in quiet places before barging out the door in the morning for full-on, all-day conversation representing my typical day.

I think I’ve gotten over feeling guilty about not attending all the events in town. I would just become a mad woman to bring that on myself.

But I respect that other people are not like me. When I do attend events, I see a familiar group of faces enjoying all Idyllwild’s culture has to offer. They truly love living on the Hill and it shows in how they light up a room with their energy and participation.

I have several faces in mind as I write this, people who are the essence and heart of our community. Their photos pop up regularly in the TC because they are present.

Don’t feel bad if you’re not one of them, but find a few causes you can and will support.

Becky Clark, Editor