Editor:   I appreciate the grand jurors for what might seem a thankless job. You have dedicated many hundreds of hours over years of service as an unbiased and objective jury of our peers to help better our community’s fire and emergency medical services within the Idyllwild Fire Protection District and surrounding agencies. To better understand our grand jury system, I refer the reader to https://cgja.org/. They serve a number of roles but mostly provide review and affirmation oversight of local and state governance. On rare occasions they might recommend termination of government officials or dissolution/consolidation of government institutions/services. And on extremely rare occasions, they will develop mandated “accusations” for removal from office other than by impeachment of appointed or elected officials. These “accusations” are filed with the district attorney, who “must” file dismissal proceedings in superior court. Here are six grand jury investigations referencing IFPD over the past seven years, including the most recent found at www.countyofriverside.us/Home/GrandJury.aspx 1. 2013-14 Grand Jury Report, Idyllwild Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners/Finance Committee: www.countyofriverside.us/Portals/0/GrandJury/GrandJury2013-2014/2013-2014%20Grand%20Jury%20Report%20IFPD%20Board%20of%20Commissiioners%20and%20Finance%20Committee.pdf 2. 2013-14 Grand Jury Report, Idyllwild Fire Protection District: www.countyofriverside.us/Portals/0/GrandJury/GrandJury2013-2014/2013-2014%20Grand%20Jury%20Report%20Idyllwild%20Fire%20Protection%20District.pdf 3. 2011-12, Riverside County Auditor-Controller, Internal Audit Division: www.countyofriverside.us/Portals/0/GrandJury/12auditorcontroller_internalaudit.pdf 4. 2010-11, Idyllwild Fire Protection District: www.coun tyofriverside.us/Portals/0/GrandJury/11idyllwildfireprotection.pdf 5. 2007-08, Pine Cove Fire Incident: www. countyofriverside.us/Portals/0/GrandJury/08pinecovefireincident.pdf 6. 2007-08, Idyllwild Fire Protection District: www.countyofriverside.us/Portals/0/GrandJury/08idyllwildfireprotectiondistrict.pdf Additional perspective can be had with the county-commissioned Abaris report citing IFPD as last in ambulance response times in zone 1, referenced alongside participating county EMS agencies (figure 16) at www.remsa.us/documents/systemevaluation/140205AbarisAs-IsReportFINAL.pdf. One might be tempted to say this burden rests upon the shoulders of Idyllwild and Pine Cove residents at the ballot box as demonstrated within the last election cycle and the massive votes of no-confidence cast. These grand juries now demand a different route, removal from office by termination. Jeff Smith Pine Cove