I’ve missed out on beaches for years until one of our offspring and family moved to San Diego a few months ago. When they asked what we wanted to do this weekend, I said, “Go to the beach.”

After our Friday California Newspaper Publishers Association quarterly meeting in San Diego, Jack and I headed to Del Mar, met up with the family on Saturday and planted ourselves at Torrey Pines State Beach.

Just after our blankets and chairs got set up, a light rain began. Most of us stripped down to our swimsuits and enjoyed it.

The 4- and 11-year-old granddaughters and Mom built sand castles, hauling water from the ocean to soak up the tan sand so it would tamp down well in the buckets serving as castle molds. This required a lot of running back and forth, good exercise.

I smelled the salt air, stuck my white legs in the sand and let the tide roll over my feet and up my calves. The pull of the ebb eroded the sand and my feet sunk deep until I knew I would fall over if I failed to move quickly and then I watched the sand crabs bury themselves fast in front of me.

It was heaven; almost like the Florida Panhandle of my youth except the sand wasn’t white. I could care less or that I saw few shells on this crowded beach. It still evinced sweet memories of simpler times like my granddaughters experienced that day. I remembered again how seawater heals sores, sinuses and souls, particularly if you jump into the waves with all your heart. I didn’t, though, because the temperature was below my comfort zone. But I plan to on my next visit.

On our walk back to the car, Sadie and I sang rain rhymes and laughed ourselves silly. It was great fun to be a kid again.

Becky Clark