Knotty Pine Cabins, owned by Ed and Sandy Reed, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Congratulations …

Paul Amick is in the process of purchasing and taking over the bakery Honey Bunns & Joe, reported last week as going out of business Sept. 1, from Dan and Laura Slattery.

Amick is shadowing Laura “so as to be able to continue to provide to her loyal customers the same quality, delicious treats everyone has come to love,” Amick said.

The only major change will be the name: The Town Baker will launch Sept. 2.

He also said, “Artist showings will continue without interruption.

“I would like to ask folks to be patient. Some special-order services may be delayed for a few weeks while I get the business transition complete.” …

Forest Realty is the newest and smallest (148 square feet) real estate office in Idyllwild offering services to sellers, buyers and landlords. Broker Gary Agner has been helping buyers and sellers for 11 years in Idyllwild and just recently opened his own brokerage.

“I am at the Mile High Cafe in the office previously occupied by Donna Van Lueven and Idyllwild Realty before that,” Agner said …

Lee Friend and Nathan Kamer are pleased to announce the opening of The Vinyl Vault and Swanktuary in the Village Lane. The newly part-time residents decided to bring the formula for their two successful similar shops in Palm Springs up the Hill to Idyllwild.

“We love Idyllwild for so many things, but mainly because of the community spirit. Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming,” Friend said. “We had come up here regularly to visit and fell in love with the Lane. It has such a history to it, as as we have found out from visitors to our store, it has a lot of cherished memories for locals and visitors alike, especially the Idyllwild Wishing Fountain.”

“Our first thought was to open a store with a little bit of everything from records to gifts,” Kamer said, “but we soon discovered that we had enough records to open a store devoted mainly to vinyl. Since both shops are directly across from each other we decided to get a second store and use the courtyard as an outdoor shop to bridge our two stores.”

The Vinyl Vault has all genres of music, with an emphasis on classic rock. It also has some guitar accessories with plans to add more, including strings …

Swanktuary is a kaleidoscope of items ranging from stunning costume to jewelry, to old-fashioned candies and handcrafted items.

They wanted Swanktuary to be a place of zen and fun so they took the words Swank and Sanctuary, and Swanktuary was born.

The research they did prior to opening the doors was that customers wanted a place where they could get affordable items handcrafted in Idyllwild. Swanktuary has actively recruited local artists and crafters to provide inventory for the store.

Both stores are closed Tuesdays but open the other six days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Good luck to these new business owners.

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