The June 3 primary election determined that Republicans Bonnie Garcia and Jeff Stone would be competing against each other to fill the vacant State Sen. District 28 seat.

If the primary race was an indication of the level of competition, summer and fall will see a major battle between these two candidates.

Entering the campaign, Garcia has $36,200 in cash available, slightly more than Stone’s $15,600. But fundraising for both candidates took a respite after the June 3 primary.

Since beginning the campaign, both candidates have received about the same amount of contributions. Stone’s total since 2013 is $436,700 and Garcia has collected $417,200. The competition for more funding will be intense over the final months.

Nearly 95 percent of contributions to Stone have come from California, including nearly $2,000 from Idyllwild residents. The largest amount from outside California is $9,200 from Arizona contributors.

About 87 percent of Garcia’s contributions are from California. The 12.5 percent from other states includes $13,200 from Phillips 66 and AFSCME in the District of Columbia, $12,100 from Tennessee donors, including Federal Express, and $9,500 from Florida contributors.

Another significant difference between the contributors to the two candidates is the overwhelming support Garcia has from the local Indian tribal bands. Nine different bands, including the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, have given her $34,000. Stone’s lone contribution is from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, who gave him $4,100 and the same amount to Garcia.

Garcia has also garnered support from several local Republicans, such as former state Sen. Bill Emerson and Assemblyman Brian Nestande.

Since the primary, the third Republican in the race, Glenn Miller, has endorsed Stone while the fourth, Democratic candidate Anna Nevenic, has announced her support for Garcia.


Candidate, 2014 Jan through Jun. 30, Total Cash Available

Bonnie Garcia $164,600, $ 36,200

Jeff Stone  $329,400, $15,600