Nov. 4 is the general election and one of the tightest races pits Republicans Bonnie Garcia and Jeff Stone against each other for the state Senate District 28 seat.

In the middle of last month, Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari endorsed Garcia in the local race.

“I’m honored to have Neel’s support and from day one, I’ll be ready to work with him in an effort to keep jobs in California and ensure every child receives a quality education,” said Garcia. “Neel understands that the American Dream has faded in California and he has offered a plan to bring it back.”

Asked how much this endorsement might mean and how effective it will be, she said, “I think endorsements send a message to the community. It’s not that you’re 100 percent in agreement [with the endorser], but you’re like-minded about certain issues. He and I agree on education. He has the right vision on eduction. It’s a simple message, ‘Education, that’s it.’ We can’t rebuild our economy without better education.”