Once again, Hill voters lead the county in civic participation. While Hill voters generally disagreed with other voters in Riverside County and agreed with the rest of the state on most races and ballots, here voters on the Hill stood out differently from most voters throughout the state and the nation.

Much despair over voters’ interest in the 2014 elections has been written since Nov. 4. Record-low turnout was seen from coast to coast, but not on the Hill.

On Friday, the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office certified the election results, including the precinct-level votes. In Idyllwild, 63 percent of registered voters cast ballots. Nearly 60 percent of the Idyllwild ballots were cast by mail. Pine Cove voters represented 65 percent of those registered and nearly two-thirds submitted mail ballots. Mountain Center turnout was about 68 percent and 40 of 42 ballots were by mail.

Countywide the turnout was 40 percent of registered voters. Statewide turnout was 41 percent, the lowest turnout of registered voters in 100 years. As of Nov. 24, Michael P. McDonald, of the United States Elections Project, estimated the National turnout to be about 36 percent.