Following recent rains, Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Chief John R. Hawkins lifted the suspension of open burning effective 8 a.m. Monday, Dec. 8, for all local and state responsibility areas within Riverside County.

Several factors are considered when determining the severity of fire danger and are closely monitored. Weather, fuel moisture and vegetation growth are taken into consideration when making the decision to suspend, modify or lift open-burning restrictions.

While cooler temperatures have helped to diminish the threat of wildfire, property owners are asked to use caution while burning outdoors.

Open burning is defined as:

1. Use of campfires restricted to areas within established campfire facilities, located in established campgrounds open to the public.

2. Agricultural burning in the Palo Verde and Coachella valleys authorized as required for agricultural rehabilitation.

3. Cooking fires with a valid permit; permissive when no alternate means of cooking is available and requires an on-site inspection prior to a permit’s issuance.

4. Warming fires; requires an on-site inspection prior to issuing a permit when weather conditions exist to justify the request.

Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire urges residents to remain vigilant in doing their part to prepare for and prevent wildfires, including maintaining defensible space around homes and property, and human and animal evacuation/exit drills in the home.

Tumbleweeds are the only vegetation allowed to burn with a fire-station-issued permit. Burning trash and rubbish is not permitted. Permits are required.

In accordance with section 4423.2 of the Public Resources Code, state officers having jurisdiction and authorized by the director of Forestry and Fire Protection may issue restricted temporary burning permits whenever it can be shown that burning or using an open fire is essential for reasons of public health, safety or welfare.