Author Joanne Bischof Photo courtesy Joanne Bischof
Author Joanne Bischof
Photo courtesy Joanne Bischof

Idyllwild author Joanne Bischof presented her new book to a mostly young audience at a book signing at the Idyllwild Library last Thursday.

Bischof has established a frontier romance and coming-of-age niche through her earlier books, which her latest novella, “This Quiet Sky,” (Heartfelt Press, 2014) continues. “When I started with my first book, ‘Be Still My Soul,’ this niche was very uncommon — writing about Appalachian frontier life in the latter part of the 19th century,” said Bischof. “I wanted to tell stories of mountain life and mountain living, stories about humanity and finding joy in the simple things of life, such as the gathering of friends.

“This series has worked for me because not a lot of people are doing it — telling stories with faith as a basis, faith woven through the lives of my characters.”

Bischof’s books are set in Rocky Knob, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. “The Quiet Sky” is a stand-alone novella, self-published, that tells the story of young love between a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with cancer. Bischof writes of connection, conviction and deep love she says is a reminder of God’s unchanging love for all of us.

Bischof, who has won numerous awards for her writing, said this novella is especially directed toward children, although still adult friendly. Part of doing the presentations and book signings, said Bischof, is to motivate kids to write, to encourage them to write their own stories and books. Bischof’s stories find her characters in hardships frontier life inflicts but there is a characteristic optimism in her work. “It’s my desire to write about characters who have nowhere to go but up,” she said.

As to what’s next, Bischof said she is considering another novella, but is waiting to see how the publishing industry develops in this fast-changing marketplace.

“This Quiet Sky” is available through and other major outlets.