Riverside County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a burglary at Town Hall that occurred during the night. Town Hall is closed today because of the break in. An undisclosed amount of cash was taken.

Last week, Idyllwild Pharmacy was broken into but nothing was taken. The burglar(s) was unable to disengage the alarm system and left without taking anything.

Capt. Ray Wood of the Hemet Sheriff's Station said, "We're going to move ahead with a business meeting in the community." He said crime has been low but the sheriff's department "has a vested interest in the community and everything [business people] can do to secure their businesses only helps us help you." Details about the meeting are forthcoming.


  1. Two point to mention:
    1) I vaguely remember a year or two ago, someone stole the money from the tip jar of one those fraternal order Legion groups. What do you readers think about having a credit union available (like teacher’s credit union), to deposit cash and leave no temptation for the greedy?
    2) I find that most places in big cities and small towns lack a high resolution video camera system, motion sensor and lighting. Whoever can deliver on that at fair pricing will be mutually successful, for the businesses, non -profits and the police – it would be unpopular with the bad guys. and that’s the idea.
    Good luck to all – and glad no one was injured.