California law currently prohibits residents from disposing of household batteries in trash. The regulations are in place because household batteries contain components that could be harmful when decomposition occurs. For a list of places near Idyllwild where household batteries can be regularly recycled without charge, see or

A more comprehensive free household hazardous waste collection is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 25. The Riverside County Waste Management Department will accept various household wastes, including electronic waste and household batteries, at the Idyllwild County Road Yard on 25780 Johnson Road (beyond the Idyllwild Fire Station).

Each load can’t exceed 15 gallons of liquid or chemical waste, or a total of 125 pounds of solid items. Multiple trips are allowed, but the gallon and pound limit is per vehicle for each trip. If two people are in a vehicle, the limit is still only as previously designated. “This is for safety reasons,” said Janet Moreland, Riverside County Waste Management recycling specialist. Containers must be marked and secured to prevent leaks. Containers holding gasoline will not be returned. There is no fee for collection of any permissible items on the two dates scheduled for Idyllwild in this calendar year.

The April 25 household hazardous waste collection event is for private households only, not for government, business, nonprofit or out-of-county hazardous waste.

Acceptable items include used oil and filters, latex/oil-based paint, fluorescent tubes/bulbs, pesticides, cleaners, barbecue and camp-size propane, aerosol cans, antifreeze, auto and household batteries, garden chemicals, pool chlorine, televisions and computers, electronic waste and sharps.

Unacceptable items include medical/infectious waste (except sharps), ammunition or explosives, asbestos, radioactive or remediation material, containers larger than 5 gallons or weighing more than 50 pounds, appliances, tires and trash.

The next Idyllwild hazardous waste collection is Sept. 26, but a similar hazardous waste collection will be held at the Pinyon Flats Transfer Station on May 16.