Idyllwild was not suffering a severe drought in April 1975. File Photo
Idyllwild was not suffering a severe drought in April 1975. File Photo

65 years ago - 1950
Ernie Maxwell was completing the 1950 U.S. Census report for this area.


60 years ago - 1955
Although disappointed by the actions of both the County Board of Supervisors and the state Legislature who supported building the Palm Springs Tramway, the Citizens Group announced it would continue its fight to preserve the back-country wilderness.


55 years ago - 1960
Despite snow and cold weather, the fourth-annual Bear Festival attracted the largest crowd in its history. Barbara Allert took first in the Pauline Bunyon chainsaw contest.


50 years ago - 1965
Concert pianist William Lescher gave a solo recital at ISOMATA (now Idyllwild Arts) to raise funds for the Idyllwild Youth Symphony’s Scandinavian Tour. Admission was $1.


45 years ago - 1970
The town was in an uproar about a series of letters being circulated in the community accusing property owners and real estate agents of renting to “hippies and drug pushers.”


40 years ago - 1975
The Town Crier published the following: “Desert Sun students will gladly deliver horse manure which has piled up on campus.” The fee for this service was $5.


35 years ago - 1980
A proposal to stage a mammoth rock festival in the Anza-Aguanga area met the vigorous opposition of more than 275 mountain citizens who gathered at the Anza Community Hall and formed an anti-festival committee to oppose all future proposals for rock festivals in the area.


30 years ago - 1985
The fountain in Eleanor Park, constructed in the early 1960s, was razed because insurance company officials had  declared it a hazard. The fountain had not operated for several years.


25 years ago - 1990
In preparation for installing the plaque naming donors and describing the new Tree Monument, retired U.S. Forest Service engineer Frank Gorzny began building a stone wall around the then-town monument.


20 years ago - 1995
During the first phase of improving Idyllwild School’s playground, 48 Jeffrey and Ponderosa pines were removed and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection targeted another 12 for removal.


15 years ago - 2000
The Hemet Unified School District Board of Governors voted unanimously to revoke the charter of Idyllwild Charter High School effective July 1. The board said the school was out of compliance because it opened in September 1999 without credentialed teachers and because all adults involved in the school did not have fingerprints on file with Riverside County.


10 years ago - 2005
Idyllwild Water District broke ground for its solar project.


5 years ago - 2010
Idyllwild Water District directors discussed the need for a 6-percent increase in water rates and language to impose a 6-percent rate increase for each of the following four years.


1 year ago - 2014
American Legion Post 800 played host to five service veterans hiking the Pacific Crest Trail as part of Warrior Hike “Walk Off the War,” a wilderness recreational therapy program designed to help vets transition from combat to civilian life.