In December 1960, employees of Dean’s Tree Service decorate the top of the Community Christmas tree, a 40-foot white fir transplanted from Pine Cove, that came to rest in the center of the village in April 1960. The Idyllwild Lions Club sponsored the transplant project. The 4-mile trip took about an hour. file photo

70 years ago - 1948
Not a single crack appeared in the rock work of Fern Valley Market, despite a terrific shaking in the earth. Town Crier declared it was a tribute to Bill Jolley’s skill as a stonemason.

65 years ago - 1953
Someone dropped off a load of pitch-gooey pine for Mr. Gruey’s milk goats to chomp on.

60 years ago - 1958
Barbara Bratton, 17, was named Miss Hemet. She was the first Idyllwild girl to win the title.

55 years ago - 1963
The state park was officially designated as a wilderness park by the State Park Commission.

50 years ago - 1968
Another effort was being made to get the Banning-Idyllwild Highway into the state scenic highway system.

45 years ago - 1973
A plane was thought to have crashed in May Valley, but after a thorough search by the Forest Service, no wreckage was found. It was surmised that a meteor may have crashed somewhere on the mountain.

40 years ago - 1978
It was a white Christmas for mountain-area residents as a cold front dumped more than 10 inches of snow just in time for the holidays.

35 years ago - 1983
A Holiday Mixer sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce was held for local business people and members of the community to get acquainted.

30 years ago - 1988
The Rustic Theatre received a two-year waiver of a county ordinance requiring it to have 84 parking spaces.

25 years ago - 1993
Participants in the annual Idyllwild Audubon Christmas Bird Count were down. Only 20 people showed up to count.
20 years ago - 1998
Through the help of a national insurance company, Pine Cove Fire Department received cardiac fibrillators for all three of its response units.

15 years ago - 2003
The Mountain Resource Conservancy was threatening the Pine Cove Water District with legal action over Lilly Creek water usage.

10 years ago - 2008
The past week was cold, wet and treacherous. Idyllwild Fire Department recorded 21 inches of snow from Monday, Dec. 15, through Thursday, Dec. 18, the second-largest December snowfall since 1947.

5 years ago - 2013
Pamela Jordan, head of school at the Chicago Academy of Arts, was to become the next president of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation.

1 year ago - 2017
Plant Food Supper Club was planning to move to its new location near Suburban Propane probably by the end of January, according to owner Kelly Johnston-Gibson. She was taking the place of Uncle B’s BBQ.