On Tuesday, June 16, Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington asked his board colleagues to approve the use of Community Improvement funds for several Idyllwild agencies.

The Idyllwild HELP Center is the beneficiary of $3,500. Washington’s memo said the funds would be used for the Summer Safety Net Program, which provides summer utility assistance and perishable foods.

“We’ll use the money for food vouchers at Fairway. This will give our clients the opportunity to purchase fresh food,” said Collen Meyer, HELP Center executive director.

Last month, nearly $1,000 was stolen from the HELP Center. Half of this was earmarked for the food pantry, according to Meyers. “Since it was for food purchases, it has been hard to recover,” she said. “This is perfect.”

The Idyllwild Arts Foundation was granted $2,500 for its scholarship fund for the Summer Program.