I attended the meeting at Pine Cove Water where the current increases were explained. We were shown many details of costs going up.

Originally, I did not agree in an increase greater than the cost of living but after all of the material presented, it made sense.

No where in this meeting was it discussed that two new employees were going to be hired. I do not know why Pine Cove Water hired two new employees but I find it dishonest that we were not informed of this at the meeting to increase water rates.

I wonder if we had to increase water rates at all and why we need two new employees.  I’ve also read that employee salaries, benefits and retirement were increased by 15 percent. How come that was also not mentioned at the meeting explaining rising costs?

Scott Fisher
Pine Cove

Editor’s note: The two “new” employees replaced employees who had resigned. The Town Crier reported the head maintenance position’s resignation on Nov. 20, 2014. The 15-percent increase to salaries and benefits was over a three-year period 2012 to 2015. The proposed 2015-16 budget is for a less than 2 percent increase.