I broke my letter policy a couple of weeks ago and ran a political letter in the “Readers Write” section that should have been paid, now that campaign season is on. It was an oversight in the rush of deadline. I regret that and so the last issue and this one, I’ve allowed free responses to that letter regarding Pine Cove Water District.

But as of next week, all political campaign letter writers must pay 10¢ a word to appear in a special letters section.

And, I want to clarify that political season begins when registration ends and the Registrar of Voters announces the candidates.

This promises to be a heated campaign season on the Hill in both Idyllwild and Pine Cove over seats in both water districts, as you can see already by the letters over the past three weeks.

Election day is Aug. 25. Between now and then, we will interview five candidates for Idyllwild and three for Pine Cove, each receiving the same questions, and publish those interviews in the paper.

And then we plan to host candidate forums — as we’ve done in the past, particularly for Idyllwild Fire races — for both water districts so you may ask questions yourselves.

At least that’s what we plan. However, we understand the active and attentive Pine Cove Property Owners Association may be hosting a candidate forum and, if so, we probably will cover that event and just host an Idyllwild forum.

Those of you who want to submit political letters supporting or not supporting a candidate, or candidates who want to write letters, may send them to [email protected] and I’ll price them for you. You may write every week. There is no limit on these.

Becky Clark,