“If you think everything seems to be going well, you obviously don’t understand the situation.”

“The light at the end of the tunnel is the head lamp of an oncoming train.”

A couple of weekends ago, Jack and I joined Mandy at the Scotsfest on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Mandy and I left Jack watching the Caber Toss contest to look at vendor booths.

I found some sayings on a linen hanging called “A Selection of Murphy’s Laws.” A couple of my favorites head this column. They resonate strongly at this point in time.

The big snow storm in January, the ensuing boulder-geddon between our house and Idyllwild, experiencing much employee absence due to sickness and losing two key employees about four weeks ago did not see me off to a good start this year.

Despite all this, we’re doing fine, but I don’t remember the last time I had a lunch break at work. Last week, I took a couple of half-days off just to get a breather, and visited my cardiologist and my physician Thursday.

The cardiologist let me off the hook and I won’t see him again unless necessary. My physician warned me, though, that she now has had three women patients with Takotsubo heart attacks, and one of those patients experienced it more than once.

So, when my weekend employee called in sick, we closed the office and I stayed home to work on cleaning out my bedroom, sorting my yarn, cleaning the kitchen and cooking.

Some may think that’s not relaxing, but the results are that my home is more of a sanctuary when many bits of it are organized and easy to find.

And, at least if I don’t take a lunch break, I have a great, home-cooked meal each day at my desk.

Becky Clark, Editor