Sharon Kaffen/Cassen and her husband say rain/stream water can be added to PCWD. She says she has talked to other water districts about what PCWD has to fix. She says young families are unfairly charged for water and maintenance fees. She argues PCWD management is backward and finances are failing.

Kaffen and her husband just want to pick a fight. Here are the facts.

If you live within PCWD, all property owners share the cost of maintenance, development and use.

Rain/stream water use is expensive and poor quality, shown by extensive regulations, unlike well use. PCWD uses groundwater stored in huge, multi-year aquifers.

The Riverside County Grand Jury Report on “Water and Sanitation Districts Compensation and Transparency” identifies PCWD as a “fiscal standout” saying, “The frugality previously displayed in their board of directors’ compensation continues with their general managers.” PCWD cash assets/audits and infrastructure are stable and current. PCWD’s general manager is the cheapest and most efficiently funded on the Hill.

As for customer and government transparency, PCWD is recognized statewide as an award-winning transparency standout.

Conservation is key within PCWD. Leak detection, pipe maintenance, rain barrels, mulch and water-saving fixtures/rebates are all offered to PCWD customers, unlike other mountain water districts. PCWD customers, board members and staff make it happen.

PCWD remains at Stage 2, not because of a lack of acessible water unlike other districts, but rather because of proactive planning and state mandate.

Kaffen/Cassen acknowledges little of current PCWD effort/accomplishments.

Kaffen constantly interrupts and trashes board, staff and customer efforts.

Vote no on Kaffen and her husband. Re-elect the current board. 

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove