Steve Kunkle, a former water district employee, is running for the water district board. I’ve read a couple of his letters, and I feel he is misrepresenting issues.

Steve was a disgruntled wastewater employee and I understand the district wasn’t happy with his performance. It seems now that he wants revenge.

He has made slanderous statements about the water district hiding money and undertaking projects that have not been thoroughly analyzed. Those statements are false, and the record is clear: The water district is building support for long-term water sustainability and its financials are in good shape. And that’s supported by the annual audit each year by an independent, outside auditor.

Kunkle is  running for board office for his own personal interest and not the best interest of the district or its customers. Kunkle doesn’t care that the district’s financially sound and will say anything to get elected. The district’s customers should not be misled by Kunkle’s conspiracy theories and misrepresentations.

Michael Freitas
Idyllwild Water District director