The water meter moratorium imposed by Idyllwild Water District has minimal, if any, effect on water use, yet it is grossly unfair to undeveloped lot owners in Idyllwild, both on and off the Hill, and also carries serious legal ramifications for the district.

Lots in Idyllwild are not new. Ours dates back to the 1940s. We invested in it, years ago, with an intention to build a dream home for our retirement. Now, because of the imposed lack of water access, the lot is unusable, undevelopable and largely worthless, save for giving it away to a neighbor at a fraction of its worth as a privacy lot.

The decreased water-use rate reported at the last IWD meeting further underscores the senselessness of the moratorium. Lifting the moratorium will not result in a stampede for Idyllwild water. The statistics printed in this paper show three water meters issued by Fern Valley WD and one – one! – by Pine Cove WD.

But it will restore fairness to those few landowners who would like to build on and enjoy their properties. Moreover, house construction is a multi-year process, especially these days, with all the financing, planning and building approvals involved, while the sale of an expensive water meter raises immediate revenue for the water district.

And to those Idyllwild owners who already enjoy having water in their kitchens and bathrooms, I’d like to remind you that we are not someone else — we are your neighbors, too. But at the moment, we are excluded from having access to it.

I am glad several other Idyllwild residents stepped up to fight this unfair, hurtful moratorium. I urge the district to reconsider it.

Lane Igoudin