My wife and I are part-timers in Fern Valley. We have owned the property for close to 21 years and enjoy our visits there, roughly 50-plus days per year. We wish we could stay more often. And to be very honest, we opt to avoid the inclement weather full-timers must endure.

But, as it would happen, the most inclement weather often occurs in winter and Christmas time when our extended family visits. This year, we experienced a wind storm and subsequent 48-hour power outage, a jolting earthquake and an estimated 16 inches of snow. We are resilient and muddled through the events. When the snowfall was light and the power was out, we did manage to venture into town for brunch and supplies, since cooking was difficult.

The worst part was our experience with the snowplow. We know there must be some law or ordinance that requires the county to keep the road open for emergency vehicles. However, the resultant mounds of snow the plow pushes into driveways precludes anyone from using their own vehicles to exit in an emergency or other necessary trips, like going to work.

I shoveled out my driveway entrance at least three times, maybe four. The last one was the worst. The snowplow deposited snow and “ice boulders” 2 feet in breadth and at least 10 to 12 feet in width back from the edge of the road, one landing on our car, denting the bumper.

Thank goodness for vinyl bumpers; the dent was easily repaired. Another two to three hours of shoveling were required.

I suppose one of the answers is to hire some folk to help us dig out, but when the snowplow comes in the middle of the night and fills the driveway apron, how would we find someone to come and dig us out, presuming we would need to exit the premises?

Pity the renters arriving across the street the day we left. They are faced with a 6-foot mound of snow and ice, and relegated to parking on the roadway. Maybe they will park in our cleared driveway apron.

I know it is trite to say, but there must be a better way in which the county could adjust the plowing to keep driveways reasonably clear.

Ron and Kathy Beaufort

Fern Valley