Hemet and Tahquitz high schools are offering dual-enrollment classes to help students prepare for college. These schools offer advanced classes that fulfill high school graduation requirements and also give students college credit.

Dual enrollment classes allow students to enroll in college courses while attending high school, and experience college-level expectations and demands from the comfort of their own school.

Hemet High School has been offering dual-enrollment classes for three years. This year it is offering English 101 and English 103. Assistant Principal Jayne George said the program has been great and the classes are at full capacity.

These dual-enrollment classes will help students exponentially by fulfilling high school graduation requirements and accruing college credits. Offering these classes at no charge saves parents a minimum of $64 per class and helps students better prepare for college.

If a student meets grade and age requirements, a counselor from their school will contact them to explain the application process. If a student or parent has questions on requirements, they are encouraged to speak to someone in the school’s counseling department.