September may free up grant money to help fund a proposed Safety Corridor on highways 74 and 243, according to California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Darren Meyer.

CHP sought grant money to fund enforcement and education measures to help reduce traffic fatalities on Hill highways. CHP will partner with Caltrans once funds are approved for physical improvements on Hill roadways to make them safer.

According to Meyer, grants are specific with regard to use and duration and are based on hour allocation of deputy time. “The grants would specify the roads for which funds are to be used,” said Meyer. “By mid-September, we should know how many grants are available. This is the first time Safety Corridor status has been sought for highways 74 and 243.”

Once grants are obtained, a task force will be formed among cooperating agencies including Caltrans, according to Terri Kasinga, Caltrans PIO. “The task force gets formed when funding is obtained,” she said. “The frequency of task force meetings and the scope of the projects to be considered depend on the levels of funding and how long the grants are for. Most are for one or two years. [CHP] are the experts. We’re a partner. They’ll direct us.”