Idyllwild Water District has offered to provide the Idyllwild Christmas Tree Lighting Committee with water for the Idyllwild Christmas Tree.

During a meeting last week that included Michael Murray, of Jo’An’s, Phyllis Mueller, representing Mayor Max on the Lighting Committee, and IWD’s Board President Jim Billman and General Manager Tom Lynch, the district offered to provided several hundred gallons of water for the tree’s consumption.

“It was a fruitful discussion and good resolution,” Lynch shared. “it is similar to the offer to the Idyllwild Fire Department for water.”

The District regularly flushes its hydrants and the water would normally just flow down the street. But it can be directed into a water tender and used for other purposes, such as watering the Community Christmas tree, Lynch said.

“We’re using water that would otherwise be wasted,” Billman explained. “They can store the water in a tank for use over time consistent with their watering plan.”

The amount would be about 500 gallons each time, and it happens about two or three times each month, he added.

“It’s an excellent solution to help the tree,” said Director John Cook.