Ferro restaurant’s trashed office showing the 500-pound safe that a burglar or burglars tried to remove through the too-small window. Photo by Frank Ferro

About 4:15 a.m. Monday, May 20, Frank Ferro’s alarm system at his Ferro restaurant activated, and he tumbled out of bed to go to the Cedar Street location.
When he arrived, the light in the office was on and the office window was broken, he said. Not knowing whether someone was still in the building, he waited until reinforcements arrived.
The burglar(s) had left but not before destroying the office while breaking wine and liquor bottles trying to remove a 500-pound safe through the window that was too small to fit through.
Ferro suspects the culprit is a former employee. Video footage shows a person wearing a mask. No one has been arrested in the incident, according to Riverside County inmate records.
“Just one of those dumb Idyllwild crimes,” said Ferro.