Riverside County’s new Emergency Management Department has issued a request for proposal to replace the current emergency warning notification system, commonly referred to as “reverse 911,” with a new system. The current system became operational during the summer of 2007.

The RFP was released Sept. 28. The bids are due on Thursday, Nov. 5, and the County will hold a pre-bid question and answer session about the request on Oct. 7.

The County is seeking a unified countywide mass notification system. The system is expected to dispatch at least 250,000 notifications within the first 60 minutes. These messages will be sent as voice calls to landline and cellular phones, emails, and text messages or push notifications to mobile devices, including applications or apps.

Multiple languages are needed. And the system must support and interact with the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, which is supported at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The contractor will manage the overall physical system, but the County will initiate any alerts or warnings.