Verne Lauritzen, 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington’s chief of staff, confirmed that Washington has decided to reconstitute the County Service Area 36 Advisory Council (Idyllwild). The council, which operates to inform the supervisor on specific matters, has been at the point of dying without regular meetings.

By reconstituting the council, residents of CSA 36 will have a forum for reviewing finances and policies for local recreation and street lights. In the past, CSA 36 Advisory Council meetings required county representatives to give regular financial reports and provide information about local recreation programs and policies. CSA 36 recreation and street lights are funded by property tax levies on residents within the district.

The council is not a policy-making organization. It exists to advise the supervisor and act as his eyes and ears in the community regarding the matters within the committee’s purview, in this case, recreation and street lights.

In the recent absence of council meetings, residents have complained they lack information about recreation finances, programs, staffing and overall handling of recreation within the district. This has been complicated, residents have said, by a transfer of recreation management from the Economic Development Agency to County Parks and Open Space. Residents fault Town Hall staff turnover and management’s lack of familiarity with the community’s recreation needs and desires as reasons for recent missteps in delivery of recreation services. With a reconstituted council, residents will have a public forum to question county representatives and discuss community recreation needs.

The council has five seats available. Interested residents should contact Opal Hellweg at 951-955-1030. Applicants should either reside in or own businesses within the district. Initial terms are for two years. Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015.