Terri Kasinga, Caltrans District 8 public information officer, confirmed stops signs have been installed by Caltrans on Southern California Edison’s Highway 243 project in the center of Idyllwild.

Kasinga noted stop signs now require northbound motorists exiting the one-way lane on Highway 243 to stop before continuing north or turning right or left. Residents of the Idyllwild Trailer Park had complained of a dangerous situation in exiting their park and difficulty of seeing approaching one-way traffic on 243 because of barricades.

Kasinga said the stop signs should eliminate the potential danger. Caltrans’ actions followed their investigation of the site and of Edison’s permit process.

Kasinga said Edison now has a new person in charge of public outreach for the Highway 243 Idyllwild project, charged with answering community concerns. Kasinga also noted some confusing directional signage has been removed.

Edison’s project is scheduled to conclude mid-month.