According to one Lakeview Drive resident who contacted the Town Crier, a bypass between Idyllwild and Pine Cove is available but she strongly encourages users to have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles, since two-wheel drive vehicles have gotten stuck in the snow several times today.

But some other Lakeview Drive residents object to the public using Lakeview Drive at all, saying that the one-lane road is privately owned by each resident owning property along it — i.e., each resident owns the bit of the road that fronts their own property. They object to the relatively heavy flow of traffic along their road since the boulder came down blocking Highway 243 at Deadman's Curve. Non-Lakeview drive residents attempting to use that road are trespassers, they say. They cite damage to the roadway and safety considerations regarding vehicles becoming stuck blocking the one-lane road.

Consequently, there exists no, universally-agreed-upon public by-pass from Pine Cove to Idyllwild.

The Town Crier can only report that some Lakeview Drive residents appear willing to allow the public to use that road during this blockage of Highway 243, but others are not willing at all. Consequently, the Town Crier cannot and does not recommend the use of that roadway. No governmental agency has recommended that passage for use by the public.

Cal Trans is still working on removal of a boulder on Highway 243. Our information is that they broke a drill bit on the boulder and have had to send for backup equipment to complete the job.

The Town Crier will report on further developments as we are made aware of them.


  1. The residents along Lakeview Drive have informed the Town Crier that Lakeview Drive is a private access and not a public road and is posted as such. We recognize the hardship that the closure has created, however the access is privately owned and maintained by the property owners. It is not plowed by the county for access by the public. We have had a number of people trying to use the road and getting stuck and damaging the thin asphalt surfacing, as well as earthen swales along the access way. Also, some of those using the access have been cursing at the residents and being abusive, and in a couple of cases have made verbal threats against the residents. Neither Caltrans, Riverside County Road Department, Riverside County Sheriff or California Highway Patrol have advised this route as their alternate because it is a private access and they do not want to be held liable for damages that have been occurring due to this intensive use. We would like to inform the Town Crier and the Pine Cove Water District (or any other public or private entity) that if they encourage use of this private access as an acceptable bypass to the road closure, the local residents are going to hold them responsible for damages to the road surfacing, and for the dangers posed due to the narrow and difficult terrain along the road section of the access. Also, anyone abusing the access way, or verbally or physically assaulting the residents along the street will be photographed and we will put your face and your vehicle license plate number up on facebook for trespassing, and a formal complaint will be filed with the authorities. We appreciate your consideration of the difficulties posed by the road closure for the public and the local residents as we all try to deal with it.