It’s sunny already in Idyllwild. The largest storms have passed. Roads are cleared and the obstacles are more often vehicles stuck or unable to maneuver the icy spots.

Highway 243 at the entrance to Idyllwild town.
Highway 243 at the entrance to Idyllwild town.

Although Big Bear got more snow, the National Weather Service reports that Fern Valley and Pine Cove had 15 to 18 inches and 13 inches of snow fell in Idyllwild.


Since Monday, Keenwild Ranger Station has seen nearly 3 inches of rain, bringing the total to 14 inches since July 1. The long-term average rainfall between July 1 and Jan. 31 is 14.2 inches. Rainfall in Pine Cove has already exceeded that amount.

Today, Friday, Jan. 8, is sunny and temperatures should be in the low 40s. but clouds return tonight.

The NWS forecast for Saturday is a 30 percent chance of precipitation and the possibility 1 to 2 inches of snow. More rain likely Saturday night and Sunday. the sun is expected to return again on Monday.