The two men charged with burglary of the Mountain Center Market in September had felony settlement conferences scheduled for Friday morning, Jan. 8.

However, only Nickolas Menlendez appeared for the conference. His charges were amended to include a prior felony conviction.

He continues to plead not guilty and asked to move his next hearing to Jan. 29. Judge Mark Manadio and the prosecution concurred.

However, Ryan Mason, also charged with the burglary, did not appear for the hearing. His bail bond was forfeited and a bench warrant was issued for failure to appear. A new hearing is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 15.

The break-in occurred during the early morning hours of Monday, Sept. 14, and the security cameras owner Shane Stewart has in all of his business locations were instrumental in the arrest.

Apparently, the thieves took the ATM to McGaugh Road, where they broke into it and took the cash. The machine was found there.