Tiffany Marie Ramirez, 31, of Idyllwild, arrested on Jan. 6, pleaded guilty to one count of felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Ramirez was arrested by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Marijuana Eradication Team at McKinney Lane in Idyllwild.

Ramirez (a.k.a. Tiffany Marie Reddick) was sentenced to 90 days in county jail with credit for nine days time served for a balance of 81 days. She will serve the sentence as part of the county’s work release program.

Ramirez was ordered to report for work release on or before Feb. 18, and pay fines, restitution and costs of probation supervision ranging from $591.12 to $3,744. Formal probation was granted for a period of 36 months under specific conditions.  As part of probationary terms, Ramirez may withdraw her guilty plea and plead to a misdemeanor if she adheres to all probation terms and completes the mandatory 36 months with no violations.

Arrested with Ramirez and also convicted of possessing marijuana for sale was Henry Romero III. Because of a prior conviction that qualifies as a strike, the court, in sentencing, denied Romero probation and instead sentenced him to serve two years and eight months in state prison, with credit for 28 days. He remains incarcerated, according to the court record.