In a brief meeting, Steve Erler, Fern Valley Water District general manager, told the directors last Friday that the district’s well levels were beginning to come up. Well production was lower in January as the staff begins to use stored water in anticipation of its annual spring diversions.

January water production increased about 11 percent compared to a year ago. However, the 3-million gallons remain significantly lower than the seven-year average of about 3.6-million gallons. This was the first increase in water use during January since 2013. The increase this year was attributed to the freezing weather early in the month, which created numerous customer leaks, Erler said.

He also reported that the State Water Resources Control Board had extended its conservation orders, including limiting outdoor watering and other non-drinking or non-hygienic uses, until Oct. 31.

Director Robert Krieger, chair of the Rate and Revenue Committee, reported that he and fellow member Director Trisha Clark had nothing to report. They plan to follow possible legislation in the state Legislature that may affect water districts’ ability to implement conservation rates, as well as the possible November ballot measure.

“A lot of things are happening. And until we know more, we’ll defer [any action] until there’s more certainty,” Krieger said.